TN Alpha

Return of a Tradition – Parents Weekend

After an absence of several years, the chapter decided to have a Parents Weekend this year. Moms and Dads came from all over the state, and a few from out of state, to see how their sons are faring in college. The members worked all week to make sure the house was “Mom clean”. In addition, some last minute drywall patching and painting cleaned up water damage from recently repaired plumbing.

The Friday evening cookout was a big hit. Senior Will Jarvis channeled his inner “Bobby Flay” and smoked up plenty of excellent pulled pork barbecue. Also “Upper Crust” catering, the chapter meal service provider, made the sides. Tables groaned with ribs, corn on the cob, and baked beans, in addition to salad, slaw and other goodies. Saturday morning, and a noon kickoff against University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) meant a “breakfast tailgate” was in order. Accordingly, the chapter and the AVC provided doughnuts, chicken or sausage and biscuits, and other breakfast essentials.

All in all the weekend impressed parents with their sons’ housing, feeding and companions. Members of the AVC were on hand to let parents know that academic success is very important and a focus of our efforts with the chapter. Most of all, the parents saw the fraternity experience as enriching and a complement to life inside the classroom.