Chapter Officers for 2021

Stepping into a leadership position in a SigEp chapter can be a life-changing experience. For undergraduates, serving a leadership role in SigEp offers you an opportunity to develop skills and habits that will make you better prepared for the professional world.

Executive board members are the elected leaders of the chapter. Their ability to set the tone and direction of the chapter will determine its success.

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Chapter Officers for 2020:

  • President ( Alec Bean
    • The chapter president is responsible for leading his brothers and managing the operations of the chapter.  He is the face of the Fraternity to the chapter, the Greek community and the university.
  • Chaplain ( Jack Krimmel
    • The chaplain is bestowed with the care and guard of the Fraternity’s Ritual. He also leads the judicial branch of the chapter. Additionally, the chaplain plays a key role in recognizing and reinforcing the positive behaviors and actions of his brothers.
  • VP Programming ( Adam Albaba
    • The vice president of programming is responsible for the planning and execution of the chapter’s events and functions. He is the head of the programming committee and works to ensure his brothers have a balanced, values-based experience.
  • VP Finance ( Carson Hoyme
    • The vice president of finance is the chapter’s chief financial officer. He is entrusted with managing the chapter’s budget and properly allocating financial resources.
  • VP Member Development ( Ryan Preiss
    • The vice president of member development oversees the development experience of each brother providing support and structure during a crucial part of their lives. Managing the chapter’s membership experience by implementing the Balanced Man Program is the keystone of the role, providing a positive fraternal experience and ensuring strong chapter leadership and operations.
  • VP Recruitment ( Daniel Skaff
    • The vice president of recruitment drives the quantity and quality of a chapter’s membership. By successfully recruiting the best men on campus, he ensures a great fraternity experience for his brothers and the long-term success of his chapter
  • VP Communications ( Rhett Barnett
    • The Vice President of Communications is the chapter’s chief information officer, chief storyteller, and the primary protector of the local chapter’s brand as well as the Grand Chapter’s brand. By wielding tools like social media, video, mass emails and press releases, this position helps shape perception of the chapter and put its brand in a position to thrive on campus.
  • VP Academics ( Josh Garretson
    • The vice president of Academics provides opportunities for members to expand and challenge their minds both inside and outside of the classroom. This coordinator has the opportunity to help all brothers grow intellectually and develop habits that keep their minds healthy.
  • House and Grounds ( Trip Costello
    • The House and Grounds Manager is responsible for room and meal contracts, cleanliness, furniture and equipment inventory, and repairs. He is appointed by, and works closely with, the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation and its housing committee.